What are secrets of health?

We are fragile and temporary. Our body can be diseased, damaged, broken and hurt.
We gradually accept aging and one day we die. This is dismal and sad to start this content, but it is true.
Many of us don’t realize this until doctor gives us very little time to live. We recall our partying 20s and a little bit more mature 30s. But when we hit 40, body’s chemistry start to change and we all know, we start to regret, I wish I could have done that.

The only way to thrive, prosper and add value in life is by being healthy emotionally and physically. Being healthy means be selfish and love your body first, to love ourself first is the best relationship ever. That’s why, air hostess always says put your mask first before to help others. Be yourself healthy first and then only you can serve the world.

I believe health is our destiny and there is no better investment than to invest on our health.
The important question to ponder- is working eighty hours a week without carefully examining body and mind chemistry truly worth?
The present trend shows that many of us sacrifice health for money in our early stage of life and regret later spending all the money for few days’ health.
What is the point of accumulating money if our body doesn’t allow us to fly to travel the world?
What is the worth of having millions of dollars in bank account, if ill body does not allow us to sleep well at night?
We are working and we need to work, there is no question, no debate, and no exception.
But many of us are practicing how to be busy at work rather than doing real work. Our work culture and technology are making us unhealthy everyday.
Reply email and message instantly.
Attend meeting at 9 am.
Call a client at 11 am.
You are already late for lunch.
Attend an emergency meeting at 2.30 pm.
You missed the snack time.
Send report to the manager by 4 pm.
Get out from office at 5pm.
Stuck in traffic.
You get the picture of our work culture.

The first secret of healthy life is food habit. Our daily fuel.
I have seen some of my friends using premium quality gasoline in their car regularly, but I have never seen quality fuel in their body. This is not judgement, this is reporting. Our life is what our fuel is every day. Good food not only enhances the premium thought process of our brain but also reduces the lethargy.
Excellent physical and emotional health requires small but repeated good food habit. Starting a day with heavy protein and good fat as breakfast is not difficult but making it habit is difficult. It’s not easy to turn our attention away from cookies and sodas in regular office meetings. Food via drive through in KFC and McDonald are increasingly popular. When we reach home in the evening, we are burnt out, tired and exhausted mainly due to low quality food that we ate during the day. Needless to say, this habit will cost us a lot in the future.

The second secret of healthy life is body movement.
Our body is designed to move. Nature has taught us to do this.
But we don’t do regular exercise, so our body forgot to produce brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF long ago which is essential to repair dead cells in the brain.
Author Robin Sharma has given us a gem book called “The 5 am Club” that tells how the morning exercise transforms our life.
When we do exercise early in the morning, we set our body and mind for a day. Research shows that new genes get turned on. These genes code for new proteins and these are building blocks for new formations in the brain.

If we don’t have few minutes to think or meditate or exercise in a day then it would be worthless to talk about productivity, creativity and efficiency.
Excellent research is showing that creativity and focus depend on our exercise, food, relaxation, and sleep.
Actually, we all have time to do meaningful and important things in life. Obviously, we don’t have time to do everything, and to be honest we don’t need to do everything. The biggest problem is we don’t optimize our life. We add many different things in life everyday, but we never bother to remove or filter items from our daily basket.

We all want to do twenty minutes meditation everyday because we know it is good. It cleans our mind. It helps us to focus on meaningful things. It has power to control our body. We also planned three years ago to do so, but we never abandoned reality TV and social media. Technology has owned us so deeply that we sometimes forget that we are breathing. As a result, more and more people are suffering from obesity, heart disease and mental health issues ever then before.

I started this writing with secrets of health. But there are no secrets of health.
In 2015, my weight was one hundred and eighty pounds. After reading Tony Robbins and Robin Sharm’s New York Times bestselling books, I decided to do experiment and put myself into work. Since then I made a habit of spending at least twenty minutes everyday either in swimming or running. Since 2016 to until now, my weight is constant, one hundred and forty pounds. The morale of my personal story is, small but consistent routine produces astounding results. I am a proof. Nothing is secret and fancy here, a small tweak in everyday life. A very small optimization.

Think before adding fuel inside the body. Respect the nature’s rule. Nature has given this body to move.
Aim for extremely good health so that we can dance every single evening until we become one hundred years old.
The best day to start our meditation or yoga or running or whatever it is, was five years ago, the second best was yesterday and third is today.
Life does not always have to be glamorous, but it should be healthy. This brings ultimate joy in family, friends, neighborhood and workplace.
Invite the strength of healthy life that opens new avenues for greater accomplishments.
A life lived healthier thoroughly justifies the living.
-Yam Timsina

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